Insurance Benefits: Use Them Or Lose Them

Nov 27 • 1 minute read

From The Desk Of Dr. Zaino


Dear Members of our Marysville Family Dentistry Community,

Since taking over for Dr. Himler in April, it has been an honor and pleasure to meet each of you.  For those who do not know, I was born and raised in Dublin.  My exposure to rural life, farms, livestock and agriculture was limited despite being nearby.  Since becoming your dentist and spending more time here in town, I have attended my first fair auction and learned all about dairy feeders from our lovely assistant, Amelia.  To say it has been a fun education is an understatement.  Your welcoming and warm community has made me feel right at home, and I am appreciative for each one of you.  I hope I have been able to provide a feeling of family here at Marysville Family Dentistry, as you will always have a home at our practice.

Myself, as well as our owners Matt and Dave, wanted to write to you to remind you that many of our patients still have insurance benefits that expire at the end of the year.  As such, if you do have benefits left over, and need treatment or a cleaning, call our office as these benefits do not carry into 2024.  For those who need treatment but have run out of insurance benefits, you will receive a new set of benefits at the beginning of the new year.  If you would like to take advantage of this renewal, feel free to give us a call to schedule any remaining treatment you may have.

It has been a pleasure meeting and getting to know each of you.  I have never felt more at home in a practice than I am here, and that is a testament to each of you as people and patients.  As the holiday season approaches, I want to extend my warmest wishes for a very merry Christmas and joyful New Year.  


Dr. Z

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