Oral Surgery

Oral surgery encompasses a range of surgical procedures that address various conditions affecting the mouth, jaw, and facial regions. These procedures can include tooth extractions, removal of impacted wisdom teeth, dental implant placement, bone recontouring and treatment of oral infections.  These surgeries are often performed under local or IV sedation, ensuring patient comfort. Advanced imaging technologies aid in precise diagnosis and planning. Oral surgery aims to restore oral health, alleviate pain, correct facial abnormalities, and improve both function and aesthetics. After surgery, patients receive thorough post-operative care instructions to promote healing and minimize discomfort. Surgical procedures offered at Marysville Family Dentistry include:

  1. Erupted Tooth Extraction: The removal of a fully emerged tooth due to damage, decay, or other dental issues.
  2. Wisdom Tooth Extraction: The surgical removal of impacted or problematic wisdom teeth often to prevent pain or complications.

  3. Dental Implant Placement: Surgical insertion of artificial tooth roots into the jawbone to support replacement teeth.

  4. Alveoloplasty: Surgical reshaping of the jawbone's ridge to prepare for dentures or dental implants.

  5. Implant Retained Overdentures: Dentures secured with dental implants to enhance stability and functionality.

  6. Implant Retained Fixed Prosthetics: Permanent dental prosthetics anchored by implants for a durable and natural-looking smile.

  7. Gingivectomy: Surgical removal of excess gum tissue to address issues like gum disease or improve aesthetics.

  8. Frenum Removal: Surgical elimination of a band of tissue that can restrict tongue or lip movement, often enhancing comfort and function.

  9. Bone Grafting: Adding bone material to the jaw to enhance its structure and provide a stable foundation for dental implants.

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