The 411 on Fluoride Treatments (Yes, It's Good for You)

Mar 12 • 2 minute read

Getting your teeth cleaned every six months is usually pretty straightforward, not something that causes a fuss. But let's talk about fluoride treatments, that's where things get a bit more interesting. You might have heard some scary stuff about fluoride being bad for you, but we're here to set the record straight: fluoride is not the bad guy. Actually, it's super important for keeping your teeth healthy. Still not convinced? That's okay! Keep reading to find out why fluoride is your teeth's best friend.

Is Fluoride Toxic?

If we said it can be, would that scare you? Well, it’s true. As it is for most things in excess, like water or oxygen. In moderation, fluoride is not toxic.

As your trusted dental professionals, we carefully measure the fluoride to make sure you will gain the benefits without any risk to your health. With proper treatment, the fluoride will strengthen your tooth enamel which will make it more resistant to decay.

What are Fluoride Treatments?

Now that we’ve addressed the main concern, let’s get into what fluoride is and how it will benefit your health and wallet. Fluoride is a natural mineral that our teeth both gain and lose depending on what we eat and drink. But sometimes, we don't get enough of it from our food and water and our teeth start to demineralize. When that happens, acid and bacteria can start to build up in our mouth causing our teeth to start to decay and form cavities.


That's where fluoride treatments come in! These treatments will help prevent tooth decay by strengthening the enamel and making it more resistant to acid and bacteria reducing the risk of cavities. Additionally, if you had early-stages of decay, the fluoride will help remineralize those areas of the enamel, strengthening the tooth preventing the need for more serious dental procedures and also helping with tooth sensitivity.


Investing in preventive care, such as fluoride treatments, not only spares you from potential pain and larger dental issues in the future but it’s also highly cost-effective. By avoiding the expenses associated with restorative dental procedures, you're protecting both your dental health and your wallet.


When you're thinking about your kid's teeth, it's common to wonder if they should get fluoride treatment. The answer is yes, especially during childhood. Kids can easily get cavities, so it's important to take care of their teeth early on. Regular check-ups and fluoride treatments twice a year are key to helping them set the foundation of a healthy smile. And remember, fluoride treatment is important for everyone, no matter how old you are. It helps prevent tooth decay and keeps your teeth strong and healthy.

Get Real, Professional Answers at Marysville's Favorite Family Dentist!

We understand that you may still be a little unsure about fluoride treatment, and that’s okay. As trusted professionals, we are here to answer any of your lingering questions or concerns. We will make informed decisions that are tailored towards your unique oral health. 

Don’t avoid preventative care that will save your health and your wallet. Schedule your next dental appointment with us and experience the benefits firsthand. Your smile will thank you!

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