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Restorative Dentistry in Marysville, OH

No matter who you are, a toothache is a painful and uncomfortable experience. Toothaches caused by damage and decay such as cavities or cracks may require restorative treatment to bring health and function back to your smile.

Our caring and compassionate approach to dentistry leaves patients feeling at ease. Schedule an appointment for reliable dental treatment in Marysville.

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What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is the practice of renewing the strength and function of dental structures.

Whether this involves filling cavities or extracting and replacing severely decayed teeth, our goal is to give you a full, healthy smile that will last a lifetime.

Shot-Free Fillings with Laser Dentistry

For many of our treatments, Dr. Himler is able to use a Solea® laser to perform work that would otherwise require tools that some may find less appealing. With the Solea laser, there is no need for needles, drills, or even aesthetic.

When decay affects a tooth significantly, the softer tissue beneath the enamel, known as dentin, is often the first target. When enough is eroded away, it leaves a cavity that can cause pain and damage the tooth's structure. If left untreated, the decay will spread and the cavity will get worse over time.

To treat a cavity, Dr. Himler uses the Solea laser hand tool to remove the decayed portion of the tooth. Then, a composite material is used to fill in the empty space where it hardens to provide structural support and prevent further deterioration.

Bridges & Crowns

Bridges and Crowns are restorations made up of life-like ceramic teeth that complete your smile.

With our practice's CEREC software, Dr. Himler is able to produce these beautiful crowns in-office during your visit. This means there's no need for a second appointment We use digital impressions, eliminating the need for uncomfortable impression material.

These ceramic caps, matched to the color and contour of your natural teeth, are fitted over the damaged tooth and sealed in, protecting the tooth from further decay.

A bridge is a row of prosthetics used to replace one or more missing teeth. These are anchored with crowns that are placed on the surrounding teeth.

Dental Implants

For replacing a missing tooth, the most effective restoration is a dental implant. This is a titanium post that is surgically implanted into the bone of your jaw. It then bonds to the bone, creating a sturdy anchor, on which Dr. Himler can place a beautiful crown.

Dental implants have several benefits over other types of restorations. Not only does the implant return the full strength of your bite, but the post acts just like a natural root, stimulating the jaw and preventing bone resorption.

Find Out More About Our Restorative Techniques

At Dr. Jeffrey Himler, Family Dentistry, we strive to maximize your comfort and give you a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime. Since 1990, our practice has proudly served the people of Marysville, and the surrounding communities of Milford Center, Richwood, Plain City, North Lewisburg, and Bellefontaine.

If you'd like to find out more about restorative treatments, give our office a call to schedule your first visit.

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