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Solea Laser Dentistry

For many people, a trip to the dentist is a fearful and anxiety-inducing experience. Dental phobias can be powerful barriers to overcome when it comes to getting necessary dental work done.

Fortunately, thanks to the innovative Solea® Dental Laser, the fear of pain no longer needs to be a cause for apprehension.

Jeffrey D. Himler, DDS, uses this revolutionary technology at his Marysville practice to perform a wide range of procedures that would otherwise require tools that many patients may find less appealing. There are many benefits to using a Solea laser over traditional dentistry tools.

How Does Solea Work?

The Solea Laser represents a quantum leap forward in dental technology. The device uses carbon dioxide to emit an intense beam at 10,000 pulses per second. This beam is at a wavelength of 9.3 microns – very small – allowing it to literally vaporize the enamel and dentin it comes into contact with.

It doesn't just work on teeth, either. The Solea laser can be used on soft tissue and even bone!

No Drill Necessary

One of the most attractive benefits of laser dentistry is that it completely replaces the need for a drill in nearly all procedures.

The sound and sensation of a drill is perhaps one of the leading causes of apprehension for dental patients. The very thought of it can induce anxiety. The Solea laser is able to perform the same tasks at the same speed, without the discomfort.

Pain-Free Dentistry

The dental laser's flagship feature is its ability to perform treatments with such comfort that the need for anesthesia is all but eradicated.

While some patients still experience minor discomfort, the vast majority feel nothing at all. Not only does this foster trust in Dr. Himler's work, but it allows patients to feel more relaxed about future appointments knowing that their fears can be put to rest.

At our practice, we want to ensure that every patient that walks through our door has the best possible experience. Putting the anxious at ease and encouraging continued oral care is our top priority.

Experience the Future of Dentistry

While the technology is still relatively new in the field, the Solea Dental Laser is already revolutionizing the way dental work is done. If you have ever felt fear or anxiety about visiting the dentist, we encourage you to contact our Marysville practice today to schedule an appointment and find out for yourself why the dental laser is the future of the industry.

Jeffrey D. Himler, DDS, has been operating in Marysville for 32 years, and proudly serves the communities of Milford Center, Richwood, Plain City, North Lewisburg, and Bellefontaine and surrounding communities

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